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Hey everyone, never used this journal entry thing before... kind of cool.
Anyway, I don't know if you read Taralynn's stories at all ( but you should. More importantly, she's having a contest to celebrate the relaunching of her website. The main jist of it is fanart or fanwriting based upon her current story, "Magical Girl Policy". The prize is a FREE commissioned short story from her.
Reason I'm propping this up is because she's asked me to be one of her judges. So, given you all know what I like, that gives you a bit of an advantage.
I think the contest ends on the 14th but I could be wrong. Check out her site, I think the bottom post on her front page has the rules to the contest. Even if you're not participating in the contest, you should read her stories. They're funny XD.

Jay Wrider
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